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How To Find a Photography Studio Space

The professional photography is not any easy job. Many professional photographers face problems or difficulty in finding the right space for photography studio. The finding of a space for photography studio is becoming a challenge for professional photographers . In this  article we have a complete guidelines regarding How to find a photography studio space with all necessaries according to your budget.

Find out your purpose for studio

Before searching an appropriate space for studio, decide what kind of shooting you want in that studio space. As there is a diverse purpose of photography like for shooting product, family photography, portrait or advertising campaign . After deciding your purpose choose the space for photography studio that have the basic requirements ( lightning, location, cost) according to your project of photography.

Each project needs different basic requirements such as backgrounds , props and other elements so before searching a space for photography studio understand your expectations regarding to project and then develop studio according to your plan and expectations.

Check out the following measurements

A Photography studio should have following equipments, ensure the quality of these equipments while finding a space for photography  studio.


Art of photography greatly effect by lightning. Find out a space for photography which has a better source of lightning .Make sure there is also a way for natural sunlight to enter in studio for some aesthetic photos and you can also create a light and dark room effect fr your photography.


The check out of location of photography studio is essential before finalizing the agreement. Choose a location that is near to road so you and other people can easily have access to transport. Find a location where more customers can be attracted.

Cost of photography studio

Try to find a space for photography studio which have cost within your budget. Investing money in your business is a good step for future success. But if you can not afford the photography studio   think about partnering with another professional photographer, it will also helpful in collaboration.

High quality equipments

For a professional photography , ensure the quality of many equipments of photography studio that you will need in your professional photography, choose the space which have all essential equipments for a professional photography such as better backgrounds, props and many others relating to photography.

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Ways to find a photography studio space

You can find a better space for your ideal photography studio by following these ways

Using internet service

As internet made our work easy, you can also use its service for finding a better space for a photography studio. Search from google the best photography studio space around you and check the cost or price of space.

For example you can search out any classroom, halls , hotel bedrooms or museum near around you which offering an affordable cost for photography studio space. If the space is suited to you and cost is within your budget then go and sign the require  agreement.

Utilizing an AirBnB

This is best option for photographers to find out photography studio space with creativity and it is different from traditional photography studio rental. You can use service of an AirBnB to find out a better space for photography studio within your area. By utilizing the service of AirBnB , you can choose an apartment with perfect interior design that will make your stunning image more aesthetically perfect.

In addition to this you can also find out more different and unique spaces for photography studio bu using an AirBnB that will make your work or photography more perfect and will also add a level of creativity in your work. For using an AirBnB consult the host and explain your purpose of booking their apartment. Briefly explain them about the nature of your project and how long you will use space and for how many peoples you need that space. After finding a top priority apartment contact with them and wait for confirmation of your booking.

Using an AirBnB is a best option to add creativity and uniqueness to your work but you also need to be more attentive while using space as that space is someone’s home and private space.

The elevation of ceiling

Ensure that the space you selected for photography studio has enough ceiling elevation of about or more than 10 feet. This will make proper set up of your equipment and backdrops. The lower elevation also have lightning issues that need to be avoided for desirable photography whereas high elevation or hight provide more space for creative photography.

Client’s house or office

If your client’s home have enough space ,you can ask for photography there. Al-thought it is a little bit unprofessional to go client’s home or office but it can be prove a better set up for you and your client, as client will free to shoot in his/her own home or office.

You can also use this way for family photography, it is  a best solution but some client’s think this as an unprofessional so offer this option carefully and do not force your client if he/she say no to shoot in his/her home or office.

Work in a studio Co-Op

Studio Co-Op is a studio that allow many photographers to share space with each other. If you not have enough work to support a full time studio , you can join and work in a studio Co-Op. This will provide you space for photography and you do not need to pay for full time studio. Large cities have many such developed studio . Therefor search out  such a photography studio space around nearby yourself. If you not find any such studio ,you can also open such a photography studio by cooperating with your friend.

Inside your own home

Many photographers start their journey of working or photography from their home. For example sometime you can covert your room into a photography studio space and after completing shooting the room is again return to its old condition .

For this way look your own home if it have an extra or temporarily free room to convert that room into photography studio space with more dedicated and affordable space for photography. Make sure the space in your home is separate from the rest of home because it look unprofessional the walk of your client through your home.

Safety and security measures

Make sure the space you selected has bars on windows and CCTV cameras and ensure that space is also  safe and secure in your absence. If these features are not available in that space look out another space that provides you expected safety and security. This security measures is essential for you and your crew so concern this while finding a space for photography studio.


You can follow the above mentioned guidelines to find out a better space for studio photography. It may look difficult task to find out space if you not pay attention even to smallest things. You can also find space according to your budget by selecting spaces that rent for a day or an hour. You can also make studio inside your home , client’s home or outdoor to shoot your desirable photos within your budget. The use of internet service make easy to find a space for photography studio.