become photographer without experience

How To Start A Photography Business With No Experience

Photography is an art of capturing beautiful moments of life like at wedding, family shooting and many more. Most of photographers want to do photography as a business but afraid of starting   photography business with no experience. You may seem intimidating to start your photography business with no experience, but it is possible just if you have passion of photography. This article is especially for those photographers who want to start photography business but have no experience. So in this article you will find complete guidelines regarding how to start photography business with no experience.

Plan your theme of photography

Planing is the most basic and first step to start any business, So first of all plan and decide your theme of photography by asking yourself that what kind of photography you want to do. Choosing and deciding the theme of photography will really help you to start with full focus on target. Here are some examples of most popular kinds of photography:

Event Photography

Event photography is very common and most demanding photography that includes the capturing of beautiful moments of peoples at their different events such as wedding, engagement ceremony, birthday parties and many more other events like on arrival of new baby. So event photography is very special and emotional for clients. Therefore it requires amazing skills of photography and closely working with clients during their special and memorable time. Here are some tips to achieve success in event photography.

  • Build your unique and creative style of photography that will make you different from other photographers
  • Keep yourself relax and calm even under pressure and hard deadlines.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with latest event trends and photography techniques.
  • You can also use social media to keep yourself update by exploring trending work.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography can be done in a studio or on location and include capturing the personality of a person, family or group of peoples by using the effects of different light equipments, backdrops and poses. This field of photography also requires creative skills to use light equipment and different styles of poses. Here are some tips to capture amazing portrait:

  • Learn about lightning and composition for their best use in portrait.
  • You should have skills to direct and pose subject to capture a creative portrait.
  • Invest your money in high-quality light equipments, backdrops and props to capture photos with great efficiency.

Product photography

The demand of product photography is usually from different companies to take photos of their different products in a creative style, so that they can use them in marketing materials such as social  media like Facebook, Instagram, websites and in printing advertisements. In this field you will find a lot of opportunities. To become popular in product photography you should have to follow following tips:

  • Improve your various photography styles to attract your clients.
  • Focus on importance of brands and learn how to capture creative images according to company’s vision.
  • Make a contact with different industry professionals and also attend events of different companies or industries for keeping yourself up-to-date about trends and opportunities.

Now I have shared most common and popular kinds of photography, you can choose the one that match with your interest and passion. Because in photography passion is very essential along with skills. Clear one thing that you can choose any of above mentioned kind of photography with no experience.

Invest in high-quality photography equipment

The high quality photography equipments are as essential as passion in any kind of photography for capturing high quality images to satisfy your clients, as satisfaction of clients is very important for successful business and also for attracting other clients. You can also start photography with less expensive equipment but try best to invest in high quality equipments for a successful business. Here are some required photography equipment:


This is the most essential and basic equipment, you will need in photography business. Invest in high quality camera as quality of image depends on the quality of camera. For professional photography, you can also buy a DSLR camera that is best to capture moments with high resolving power and high quality. You can also buy other high quality cameras according to your budget like Canon EOS R6 and Nikon Z6 II etc.

Other required equipment

For a successful photography business, in addition to camera you will also need may other photography equipments. Invest to buy such necessary photography equipments. These photography equipments include the following:

  • Camera bag
  • Different kinds of lenses
  • Memory cards
  • Tripod stand
  • Lightning equipments
  • Backdrops
  • Props

Keep yourself upgrade by using latest and more effective photography equipments. For best photography understands the working principle of above mentioned photography equipments like lightning.

Set up a professional website

After deciding the kind of photography in which you have interest, Now it is time to build a professional website where you can show your best work in a professional manner. A well-established website show your portfolio and also displays your creative craft. There are many platforms where you can set up your website. The most common and popular are mentioned below:

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace


This popular website builder provide various option to design your website and it also have many features for photographers. This platform is best option for beginners who start their business with no experience as it have many integrated marketing tools to promote your business. It also provide templates for building photography websites.


WordPress is the most powerful and flexible platform that have millions of websites in which many of them are of photography websites. This platform provides a variety of themes for various options and provide SEO-friendly structure to rank well your website in search engine. The WordPress also provide a huge community that give mender technician and suggestions.


This is the most popular website building platform among many photographers. The reason of its popularity is its features like providing of beautiful and customizable templates especially for photographers. On this platform you can easily create your website by its drag-and-drop function. The websites designs available on Squarespace look amazing on any device. It also provide such tools that rank higher your site in search engine.

Choose any of above platform and set up your website in such that it can be easily navigate and add high quality image. On your website provide details information about your work, service and contact so clients can easily contact you whenever they need. A professional website is very important in photography business to show your work and for attracting clients so they can hire to shoot their photos.

Step to marketing your business

After building your website, now take a step to promote your business. For marketing your business, you need to market your work at social media like on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Upload your best work like high quality images on these social media accounts to market your work, this will help you to attract clients. For more views and publicity of your creative work, use related hashtags.

Decide name of your business

Now its time to decide name of your business so people can recognize your work with your business name. While you are deciding name of your business, make sure it give a brand vibe. You can also develop your business name on your own name. Use this name in your business advertisement, websites and social media accounts to promote your work with a branded name.

Offer a reasonable price

At your starting, offer very reasonable prices to your clients, even if you can afford offer some free session to attract clients. It will really help you to grow your business. And after some time when you got experience you can demand price according to your work and brand.

What steps have to a non-photographer follow to begin a photographs business?

First step for to make photographs business buying an cheaper virtual digital virtual digicam, learning essential talents via on line assets and running in the direction of notably to set up an established basis.

How can one assemble their portfolio when beginning a pictures agency with out revel in in advance?

Focus on non-public projects, collaborate with buddies or close by abilities and show off your ever-developed talents with an remarkable on-line portfolio.


REMEMBER one thing start your business with your passion, your business may take sometime to develop and grow but keep improving your work and photography skills, Also keep yourself upgrade by remaining in contact with industries and active on social media. I hope this article will really help you to start your photography business with no experience.