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What Color Should I Paint My Photography Studio Walls

After choosing the right place or location for photography studio , the question arise about which color should be painted to studio walls as background wall’s color have great impact on photography. So you should carefully choose the best color for your photography. If you are wondering and thinking about what color should I paint my photography studio walls then this article is for you. In this article ,we have a complete guideline to color photography studio walls.

The color of photography studio walls depends on the theme and type of photography. The condition of lightning in studio also have impact on deciding the color for photography studio walls.

Use of neutral colors

Mostly photography studio walls are painted with neutral colors such as white, black and in between like gray . These neutral colors prevent accidental loss of color from accidental bouncing off the walls in your shooting area.

There is a complete guide about use of these neutral colors to paint photography studio walls.

Painting studio walls with white color

Mostly professional and passionate photographers choose white color for painting photography studio walls but here are also some people who wonder about painting white color to photography studio walls. The reason behind popularity of white color to paint photography studio walls is given bellow:

The white neutral color is best option to choose for painting photography studio walls as it bounces more light as compared to any other color and also focus attention towards the subject, that’s why white color is popular among photographers to paint photography studio walls. Moreover white color is economic friendly as it is affordable but requires more attention. This neutral color also give a classic or casual look to photography studio.

If you want more extra light in your photography then you should paint white color to your photography studio walls. This color is also easy to clean as compared to other colors.

The reasons behind avoiding white color to paint studio walls include following:

Some people feel the white color painted walls of photography studio as a hospital therefore they avoid white color and choose to paint with other than white color for spending a lot of time in photography studio.

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Painting studio walls with black color

The second most popular color for photography studio walls is black but not for all photographers. The black painted walls bounce less light and help the photographer to control lightning at highest level. That’s why most of the media peoples wear black dress and studio walls is also painted black.   As the less light bounce off the walls to fill them so it create a darker shadow.

If you are using studio walls as a backdrop then walls painted with black color will give more professional look than walls painted with white color.

The advantage of painting studio walls with black color

  • The black painted walls give full control to your lightning.
  • There is no loss of light with black painted walls so it create more intense shadow.
  • Black painted studio walls can also be used as professional backdrops.

Painting studio walls with gray color

The most neutral color is gray , therefore many photographers prefer gray color to paint walls of photography studio. The gray painted walls are middle ground between black and white painted walls as these do no not reflect and nor block all the light. The gray painted studio walls give an aesthetic view in your photography and therefore it is also becoming more popular interior design now-a-days. In gray color you can choose any shade according to your theme of photography or according to space and lightning requirements.

The video editors also prefer gray color while they are editing their videos as the gray color is most neutral color and is best for your eyes during editing. The advantage pf painting gray color to studio walls are given below:

  • It is not very expensive and will be affordable within your budget.
  • They fill limited light and give a soften look to your photography.
  • The gray painted walls make your photography studio stylish and attractive.
  • The studio with gray painted walls is best for editing photos and videos.

Other tones of gray color

The other tones of gray color that are also best option to paint your walls of photography studio that also give a classic, stylish and attractive look are given below:

Light gray

The light gray color reflects light more efficiently therefore many photographers use light gray color to paint walls of their photography studio. The main advantage of using light gray color is that  it is neutral. As white color painted walls produce an extra light that bounce off bright light on subject while light gray color is middle ground between black and white so it is better to use light gray color instead of white color to paint your photography studio.


The gray-purple color is a warm gray with purple undertones. The gray purple painted studio walls give an aesthetic look to your photography studio and also keep the environment neutral.

Non-Neutral colors for painting studio walls

Some non-neutral colors are also used for painting walls of photography studio. These non-neutral colors are given below:

Green screen for photography studio

If you want a special effect in your photos and videos then choose green screen for your photography studio. Green  screens able the video editors to replace the green color with any other background color. Choose particular green color for green screen to make your photography like professional photography.

Painting studio walls permanent

You may want paint your photography studio walls with colors that can be used for permanent set up in your space. For this purpose you can also use any texture like wallpapers or wall decor to make your studio amazing according to your photography studio.

You can also create a room in your photography studio with permanent color painted walls for your clients where they will come to take same type of photos for every time. You can also decor these rooms  with popular background or screens for using for a long period of time.

For Example a photography studio is set up to shoot the same show or screen for a long period of time like if you want to make studio to set up for talk shows or any program.


The best color option to paint your photography studio walls is that give an aesthetic look or view. Before painting the photography studio walls understands the impact of different colors on your photographic output. Choose the shades that make your studio creative . For a classic and aesthetic view choose the neutral colors like black, gray or white.