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How To Decorate a Photo Studio

Decorating your photo studio is a beautiful and fun activity by which you can show your creativity . The decoration of photo studio greatly effect the quality and beauty of image. A well decorated photo studio also has good impact on clients so decorate your photo studio with great care. The decoration of photo studio may vary according to your theme of photography. If you are planning to decorate your photo studio but you have some confusion regarding decoration, don’t worry in this article you will find complete guidelines and important tips to decorate your photo studio with great efficiency.

Photo studio

A photography studio is a space that provide a controlled environment to shoot desirable photos with great efficiency. In a photo studio one more photographers can work. These studios vary depending on the theme of photography and structure etc.

There are following steps to decorate your photo studio to meet your needs:

Determine the space

First of all determine the space of your photo studio that you want to decorate. Knowing the space to decorate is helpful in making plan of different ideas to decorate photo studio. Make sure you use all the available space to design or decorate photo studio.  

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Consider your theme of photography

The basic and essential thing , while you want to decorate your photo studio is the theme of your photography. All the decorations depends on your theme, therefore consider theme of your photography and plan according to it.

Setting up lightning

The first thing that you have to check while you are decorating your photo studio is the sources of light or lightning. According to your theme, determine which type and how many lights you will need to shoot photos. The following lights that you may need for decorating your photo studio:

Main lights

The main light is that you will need for your subject of photography. These lights illuminate the area or your subject that you want to focus in shooting. The main lights are usually brightest than the other lightning of set up.

Light for glow-in-the-dark

These lights you will need to illuminate dark parts of your studio that are not in access of main lights. For example when you will open your closed studio, you on lights, the main light will illuminate only your subject. However these filling lights will illuminate all the dark parts and so you can shoot efficiently. These lights give soften, harsh lines and shadow that make your photos softer and nicer which will give a soothing effect to viewers.

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Back lights

These lights will illuminate the area behind your subject. These lights show difference between the subject from the background. You can use LED lights to illuminate background of your subject with different colors like blue or red. These lights will make your photos three dimensional.

Light stands

The other basic equipment in photo studio is light stands that will provide support to your expensive lights. You will need one for each lights. Ensure that you have light stands with right or correct hight so that you can illuminate the correct areas or spaces during shooting.

Light modifiers

You will also need light modifiers in your photo studio. These are use to diffuse harsh beam of light and make nice and soothing tones of light on subjects. The most common and popular light modifiers among professional photographers are soft box and umbrellas.

Paint your studio walls

For decorating your photo studio, paint the walls of studio with neutral colors such gray or white. The color of paint have great impact in shooting. For example the paint of gray color on studio walls can absorb lights and give you a control on lightning during shooting.

Window covering

If your studio have some windows and affecting the sound or audible quality, you can cover these windows to get rid of this problem. The window covering play important part in decorating photo studio, also give a trendy look to your studio. You can cover these windows with dense, thick and classic curtains. There are also many other options to cover windows, such as use of venetian blinds and sheer curtains. These are briefly explained below:

Use Venetian blinds

The use of venetian blinds is best option to cover windows. They are cost friendly and give a complete control over airflow, privacy, view and light. In market they are available in different sizes, colors and materials so choose according to your photography theme for your photo studio to cover windows.

Their cleaning process is also easy, you have to just brush or vacuum weekly and they will look good as new.

Sheer Curtains

Another best option to cover windows is use of sheer curtains. They are transparent curtains that allow sunlight or natural light to enters photo studio but they also act as light diffuser and softens the natural light.

Hang artwork on studio walls

Hanging artwork on studio walls give a beautiful and aesthetic look. You can also use your own creative art to hang on walls such as sketching pr you can use paintings of popular artist that will look amazing. Such beautiful decorated walls attract clients and can also act as beautiful and aesthetic background in your photos.

Make a refreshment area

You should create a refreshment area in your photo studio for your photography team and for your clients. In refreshment area there should be water, different kinds of soft drinks, organic and fresh juices to chill and some snacks. This will create a wonderful experience with your clients.

Design according to your need

The best photo studio is that provides all require equipment to photographer. So whenever you want to decorate or design your photo studio, make sure you are designing with all necessary and required equipments such as cameras, lights, light diffusers and backdrops etc.

This will make your photography easy and efficient. This will also save your a lot of time, as when you need any equipment you will not need to go market.

Decorate floor of your photo studio

How floor of your photo studio look is greatly affects the quality of your photographs. You can use wood working or marble panels for decorating floor of your photo studio. But if your budget is not high, only clean granite floor can be used with better light equipments. You can also use flooring vinyl sheets that give resemblance with elegant wooden floor. The using of sheets vinyl flooring is a  best idea to design stylish interior with low cost.

Use of furniture

You can also use different wooden work furniture to decorate your photo studio. These wooden work cabin can be placed aside in your photo studio that can also used for storage space.

Why lights in photo studio space are important?

Proper lights is prime for taking expert-looking photos, removing shadows and creating the appropriate environement for taking best photo shoot.

What tips you will provide us to organize a studio in a well designed?

Prioritize functionality, make use of garage answers like cabinets and boxes, hold the format flexible to permit for specific answers, and regularly refresh props to create a dynamic atmosphere.


Decorating your photo studio is a better step to build your photo studio and empowers your business by creating beauty and creativity in your photos. A better decorated photo studio also have a good impact on clients and can attract them. This article have various ideas to decorate photo studio, So read this article carefully to decorate your photo studio. I hope this article will really help you in decorating your photo studio.