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What Do I Need For a Home Photography Studio

Photography is a beautiful art that captures life’s memorable moments and studio is the place that provides a controlled environment to take desirable photos or take your photography to professional level. In starting you can also build a photography studio at your own home or it may be a spare room of your home which can be change or transform into photography studio. Many professional photographers start their work from home photography studio. The setting up your own home into photography studio is exciting work but you may have many questions and confusions about home photography studio. In this article you will find answers of your all questions and complete information about what you need for a home photography studio.

Home photography studio equipment

Whenever you want to develop your own home photography studio , the main thing that you have to consider is the theme of your photography and your budget for photography studio. For example for shooting family photo-shoot you will need large space to transform into photography studio.

Here are some basic equipment that you will need to develop your own home photography studio:

1. Cameras For photography

Cameras are basic and essential equipment needed for home photography studio . For professional photography DSLR cameras are perfect so invest your money in buying a DSLR camera. These cameras are of high standard and work with great efficiency so you will get a high quality and clear images. These cameras also have feature of interchangeable lenses that enable you to get more control over your photos which take your photography to professional level.

In addition to cameras you will also need some accessories with camera such as high quality memory cards to store your photos. You will also need lenses that used to shoot a range of focal length and a standard zoom action in your photos so must invest in high quality lenses for an efficient photography.

2. Lightning for studio

The basic and most essential equipment needed for home photography studio to take your professional photos is lightning. For a basic home photography studio the lightning setup consists of a light, tripod stand and a reflector such as umbrella or a soft-box. For a more advanced home photography studio you will need to increase number of lights and light modifiers , so that these lights and light modifiers will create an effective light in your photography. As home photography studio is an indoor photography so artificial lightning is more essential for home photography studio as well as choose your space in home from where sunlight also enters in your studio because sunlight give an aesthetic beauty in photos.

Natural light give an aesthetic beauty but it also have time limitations and it is difficult to adjust the effect of natural light in photography so artificial or studio lights are more better than natural light.

Speed-lights for home photography studio

As home photography studio has limit of space so speed-lights are better to use in a home photography studio because these lights are of smaller sized and have less weigh than strobe lights. The other main advantage of using speed-lights is that these are available in markets with affordable price.

These lights also have disadvantage of less power as compared to strobe lights so you can not shoot a big burst shot with these lights.

Studio flash lights

Choose studio flash lights for your home photography studio to get more powerful lights in shoots. These are the lights with better quality and give clearest images. These are available with modeling lights that enable you to visualize how the flash light will look on your subject in final image. These are expensive than speed lights so must consider your budget before buying these studio flash lights.

3. Light modifiers

Light modifiers are used to place in front of light source to change the quality and effect of light. These light modifiers have advantage to change the direction, power, angle and even texture of light that is very helpful in shooting desirable photos. In starting you can also start your work with only one light modifier such as buy an umbrella for portrait photography and a soft box for food and product photography.

small setup of studio at home

4. Stands for lights

For holding lights and keep them in balance you will need some stands so when you buy other equipment for your home photography studio , must buy light supporting stands according to space available in your studio. In markets light stand are available in different sizes and price. Invest your money to buy a better quality light stands because the cheap stands will create problem during shooting such as it may fall on your client and may also create problem in focusing light towards your subjects so buy some heavy and well built stands to hold lights.

5. Backgrounds

 Backgrounds or backdrops that are used behind your subjects have great impact on photos as light effect photos. The most popular backdrops for photographers is seamless paper that are available in different colors and pattern so by using these you can get creative backgrounds in your photos. Make sure the color you choose for background of seamless paper does not mismatch or discordance with clothing of your subject. You can also use the backgrounds made of  fabric which can be easily folded and stored after shooting or when you are not using them.

Choose backgrounds that you can use again and again, mostly the basic background color is white and black that is used for portrait photography. Choosing a backdrop is easy and inexpensive , even you can start your work with white backgrounds. An amazing idea if you want to save money then choose a room with plain walls and paint it with natural color to start your journey of photography with in affordable budget. For food photography you will need different items as a background, for example chopping board , marble and even a wood board can be used as background.

6. Photography backdrops

For an attractive images, you will also need some backdrops that will improve your photography. These backdrops be flowers, jewelry , antique accessories and any other thing that is related to your theme of photography. These may also include balloons, books , stylish hats or sunglasses according to your desire of photo.

7. Laptop or computer

A laptop or computer is the most important and basic need of home photography studio. For efficient photography and also for editing you will need powerful laptop or computer that have enough memory to store raw images and editing software. Laptops are better than computers or PC because they are wireless and easy to carry anywhere on shooting , but these are little bit expensive than computers.

8. Accessories needed for home photography studio

Besides the above mentioned equipment, you will also need some other important and essential accessories for home photography studio. These include simple makeup kit , power supply to charge your other accessories, steel clamps for fixing background seamless paper or fabric background and USB etc. of high quality.


Home provides best opportunity to start and fulfill your dream of photography. It is helpful in getting experience and to improve your skills of photography. It is less expensive to built photography studio at home. You can start your work with a single light, camera and a plain wall painted with neutral color. I hope this article will help you to set up your home photography studio in a better way.